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Thermal sublimation


Aluminium Dye sublimation:  printing on "ChromaLuxe" Aluminum Panels is the ultimate in elegant presentation with startling clarity,
sharpness, saturation and depth of color. Dye Sublimation Prints are made by infusing special dyes directly into, (rather than onto) the
translucent coating on the aluminum sheets, which gives them a depth that appears to glow with an internal light source. On seeing a
metal print for the first time, people sometimes imagine that it is backlit!


Giclée on canvas


Giclée on canvas is an image printed on canvas using color archival pigments which will capture detail and nuance. It will guarantee the stability and longevity of the work and is complemented by a varnishing to protect the canvas against UV rays.

Fine Art paper

Print on fine art paper: Image printed using archive pigments on very high quality fine art paper and protected with a sealant against UV rays.

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