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La signature d'un portrait intemporel

Commissioned Portraits
Fine Art

The works of Simone portrait are different!

Photographers, yes, creators, definitely!


Let Louise and Joseph Simone guide you. Their photographic and visual experience will capture your most precious moments. A photographer takes pictures. Simone portrait, thanks to their professionalism, will immortalize your portraits on canvas with the most artistic authenticity. Give a serene and friendly atmosphere to your interior decor. Travel through unlimited spaces of creativity. Magnificent landscapes, still lifes, family portraits shape incomparable visual memories. Immortalize your pet, a child's face, the possibilities are endless.


Present the reflection of your personality in a photo and the knowledge of Simone portrait. Add to that the strokes of a paint brush and receive a masterpiece, true to who you are! Vibrant contemporary paintings, light effects, colors where harmony reigns. Inspiring digital art with ultra modern and timeless supports. The Simones, seasoned artists, with creations where art is in the foreground. Art enthusiasts are fascinated, delighted and enriched by this visual medium.

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